N-TUTORR Masterclasses: Education for Sustainable Development (September 2023)

March 28, 2023
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As we grapple with pressing global challenges like climate change, social inequality, and economic instability, the role of higher education in shaping sustainable solutions has never been more crucial. Universities are no longer just centres for academic learning; they are incubators for innovation, social justice, and sustainable practices.

This masterclass delves into the pressing questions surrounding education for sustainable development (ESD):

How can curricula be redesigned to include sustainability principles?

What are the best practices for engaging students in meaningful sustainability projects?

How can higher education institutions collaborate with communities, governments, and organisations to drive change?


  • Brian Gormley, Head of Sustainability Education, TU Dublin
  • Emer Emily Neenan, Lecturer in Education, SETU
  • Samantha Fahy, Sustainability Manager, DCU

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