N-TUTORR core themes


Empowering students to be successful after graduating from their TU/IoT and throughout their working lives

Three work streams

At N-TUTORR, we have divided our transformation programme into three streams of work. These have been designed to enable the technological sector to achieve the goal of developing and implementing a major programme of work that sets out to transform learning, teaching and assessment by achieving clear sectoral gains and digital transformation through collaborative engagement.

Student Empowerment

Transforming the learner experience through student empowerment.

We're doing this through the Students as Partners in Innovation and Change Fellowships, the Student Champions programme, and more.

Staff Capabilities

Transforming learning, teaching and assessment by developing the capabilities of academic, management and support staff.

We're doing this through our Community of Practice, the N-TUTORR Masterclasses, and more.

Digital Ecosystems

Enhancing digital ecosystems across the sector to enable these transformations to be achieved in a sustainable way.

We're doing this by procuring a number of platforms for the sector and supporting their implementation.
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